Ask Chuck D a question -- and see his answer in EW. Public Enemy's tough-talking leader is back with a vengeance. Tell us what you'd like us to ask him during our upcoming interview
Chuck D
Credit: Chuck D: Martyn Goodacre / RetnaUK

He’s one of the most outspoken social and cultural critics around. He’s also responsible for a couple of the best albums ever made (”It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back” and ”Fear of a Black Planet”). Now Chuck D is back with a new Public Enemy album, the typically provocative ”Revolverlution” (SlamJamz/Koch). It’s a bizarre project, featuring eight new PE songs and a handful of old tracks with new backing music created by fans.

Sure, we could come up with a long list of probing questions for the always eloquent MC, but we’re more interested in what you want to know. In the next issue of EW’s (subscriber-only) music supplement, Listen2This, Chuck will answer several questions from readers. Send your queries to IMPORTANT: You must include your name and hometown for your question to be considered.