Jim Carrey will costar with Garry Shandling in ''Over the Hedge.'' He'll make his animation debut as a raccoon to Shandling's turtle based on the newspaper comic strip
Jim Carrey
Credit: Jim Carrey: Robert Mora/Getty Images/Newscom

Silly Putty-faced Jim Carrey often seems like a human ‘toon, so maybe it’s redundant for him to take a voice role in an animated feature. Still, he’ll be making his cartoon debut in ”Over the Hedge,” a DreamWorks feature based on the newspaper comic strip penned by Michael Fry and T. Lewis, according to trade reports.

Carrey will play a sly raccoon named R.J. who tries to exploit the fact that human suburbs are encroaching on his woodland habitat. Costarring will be Garry Shandling (who played a talking pigeon in ”Dr. Dolittle”) as an insecure turtle named Verne.

Cartoon features with wisecracking animals have done well recently — look at Fox’s ”Ice Age,” DreamWorks’ own ”Shrek,” and ”Hedge” director Tim Johnson’s ”Antz.” DreamWorks also has the animated ”Sharkslayer” due in 2004. Look for ”Hedge” to creep into theaters in 2005.

Over the Hedge
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