Anthony Michael Hall answers 10 stupid questions. The former Brat Pack geek and star of the new paranormal hit series ''The Dead Zone'' demonstrates his psychic abilities
Anthony Michael Hall
Credit: Anthony Michael Hall: Chris Weeks/Liaison

Maybe it’s apt that Anthony Michael Hall is starring in USA’s ”The Dead Zone.” That’s where his career seemed to be for a long time after his reign as king of the geeks in mid-’80s movies like ”Sixteen Candles” and ”The Breakfast Club.”

But now, the 34-year-old actor is back on top with a series that has been a hit since drawing record-breaking basic-cable ratings with its premiere last month. On ”Dead Zone,” based on the same Stephen King novel that was adapted for the 1983 film starring Christopher Walken, Hall plays Johnny Smith, a schoolteacher who awakens from a coma with psychic powers. If you’re wondering, he answered’s stupid questions using a more conventional medium: the telephone.

What are the parking rules in the Dead Zone?
You have to parallel park in one move. And you have to pay your tickets by credit card.

Is this role payback for spending most of the USA TV movie ”Hitched” chained in the basement?
I don’t know. I’m just happy with the ratings. It’s nice to know that the network is behind you.

Before ”The Dead Zone,” what was your favorite USA series?
I don’t even know. I couldn’t name a series, I don’t think. ”Nikita,” that was good.

When Stephen King named your character ”Johnny Smith,” was he sleeping on the job, or did he get the name out of a motel register?
He could have been doing any of a number of things in Maine. I’m sure he spends a lot of time alone.

Let’s test your psychic abilities with a few questions. First, Miss Cleo: guilty or not guilty?
Guilty. If she was psychic, why did she need a number?

Where is Ilan Mitchell-Smith, your ”Weird Science” costar, right now?
I really have no idea.

Where did I leave my keys?
On your dresser in the bedroom.

OK, who’s creepier, you or Christopher Walken?
I think Chris Walken. But he’s actually one of the funniest actors around.

If you had truly been able to see the future, would you have avoided appearing in Tom Green’s ”Freddy Got Fingered”?
No. I thought it was really funny. I think it was on the level of the Farrelly brothers. I think Tom’s very talented.

Do you still have Molly Ringwald’s panties?
They’re with me. I travel with them. They just stay in my luggage.

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