A sneak peek at ''Smallville'''s future -- Here's what to expect from the second season of the WB's super-powered hit
Tom Welling, Smallville
Credit: Smallville: Chris Large

Somebody save me, indeed. In ”Smallville”’s barn-busting (literally) cliffhanger, a rampaging tornado left more characters in mortal jeopardy than even Clark Kent could possibly rescue. But have faith: Almost everyone on the WB’s second highest-rated series (after ”7th Heaven”) will return this fall. Executive producer Alfred Gough, who created the show with partner Miles Millar, shares a few hints on the in-the-works second season:

Powers That Be The show’s ”no flights, no tights” rule is still in effect, but Gough says Clark (Tom Welling) will gain a brand-new superpower this season, taking him one step closer to full Supermanliness. Since he’s already manifested super-speed, super-strength, X-Ray vision, bulletproof skin, and a little bit of levitation, there aren’t all that many options left: super-hearing, heat vision, or, lamest of all, super-breath. Or maybe he’ll just start jumping really high — like over tall buildings.

Young Love Clark’s super-libido will continue to be torn between brunette girl-next-door Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and perky blonde junior journalist Chloe (Allison Mack), whom Clark almost smooched in the finale. But expect the triangle to be complicated by the departure of Lana’s thick-necked boyfriend, Whitney (Eric Johnson), who unexpectedly left town to join the Marines in the finale. Gough hints that Whitney’s absence will be permanent but that Chloe isn’t going anywhere, despite her dad’s threats of moving to find a new job.


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