The Rock cooks up an action comedy. The wrestler and ''Scorpion King'' star is attached to a pitch described as a revamp of Harrison Ford's ''Witness''
Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson
Credit: The Rock: Graham Whitby-Boot/Allstar/Globe Photos

Get ready to see The Rock kick some Amish ass. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the wrestler and ”Scorpion King” star is attached to an untitled screenplay described by its writers as a comedy inspired by the 1985 Harrison Ford thriller ”Witness.” The movie will be distributed by Columbia Pictures, which is also home to The Rock’s in-development movie about Hawaiian hero King Kamehameha. Coproducing both of The Rock’s pictures is Original, the company run by youth-sploitation producer Neal Moritz (”XXX,” ”Cruel Intentions”).

The ”Witness”-like comedy, written by screenwriters Mitchel Katlin and Nat Bernstein, will also be coproduced by the folks behind The Rock’s day job, World Wrestling Entertainment. So you can expect to see a few smackdowns amid scenes of cow-milking and barn-raising.