Struggling to drop a Farrelly brothers-meets-Caddyshack vibe on armchair linksters everywhere, Outlaw Golf devolves quickly into annoying frat-boy humor and lackluster gameplay. Its most promising element is a ”Composure Meter,” which displays your character’s level of frustration: Shank a tee shot and you’ll start getting nervous, hit the green and your mood levels off. Players in ”the zone” benefit from more forgiving game controls, leading to better shots, while rattled players dip into a cycle of ever-deepening irritation. (You can take out your anger via a beat-up-your-caddy minigame where sharp reflexes are rewarded with a big boost in your composure meter.) THE ASSIST Use both thumbs to steady the right thumbstick when making your golf swing. THE FINAL SHOT Underneath the schlock — and a very questionable Teen rating — is a fairly deep system of unlockable characters, costumes, and equipment as well as the mechanics of a decent golf game. But with contenders like Hot Shots Golf 3 and EA’s Tiger Woods series out there, decent just doesn’t make par.