Look Who's on The Couch This Week (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

DAVID LETTERMAN MONDAY Tom Hanks, musical guest Dolly Parton TUESDAY Jude Law WEDNESDAY Robin Williams, musical guest Pat Green THURSDAY Paul Newman, musical guests Counting Crows FRIDAY Comedian Hugh Fink

JAY LENO MONDAY Geraldo Rivera, musical guest Bryan Ferry TUESDAY William H. Macy, musical guests New Found Glory WEDNESDAY Tom Hanks THURSDAY Shaquille O’Neal FRIDAY Dr. Phil McGraw, musical guest Kylie Minogue

CONAN O’BRIEN MONDAY Tim Robbins, Eddie Kaye Thomas, musical guest Ben Kweller (R) TUESDAY Tom Hanks, musical guest Paul Westerberg WEDNESDAY Sam Donaldson, musical guest Busta Rhymes THURSDAY Amy Sedaris, musical guest Andrew W.K. FRIDAY Michelle Williams

THE VIEW MONDAY Bob Saget TUESDAY Dolly Parton, Zach Braff WEDNESDAY Bebe Neuwirth, Peter Benchley THURSDAY Kyra Sedgwick, Marc Anthony FRIDAY Comedian Jim Gaffigan

LIVE WITH REGIS AND KELLY MONDAY Stanley Tucci, Dominick Dunne WEDNESDAY Tom Hanks, Geraldo Rivera THURSDAY Jude Law, Steve Irwin FRIDAY Whoopi Goldberg, Busta Rhymes

ROSIE O’DONNELL MONDAY Diane Sawyer (R) TUESDAY Denis Leary (R) WEDNESDAY That ’70s Show cast (R) THURSDAY Ashley Judd (R)