The Movie Sounds Page Reverberates With Cinema's Most Quotable Quotes

”You complete me,” quoth one Jerry Maguire to his beloved. For the movie fanatic, nothing truer can be said about the Movie Sounds Page (, one of the Web’s audio-clip galleries with chestnuts from both classic (The Wizard of Oz: ”We’re not in Kansas anymore”) and cool (The Hunt for Red October, above: ”A great day, comrades. We sail into history”). Yet, in this post-Napster world, is it kosher? The Motion Picture Association of America wouldn’t comment, but, argues Virginia-based webmaster Tony Wittrien, ”I promote movies at no cost” to studios. Still, he’ll remove any one of the site’s 90-plus clips when asked. Which leaves plenty, from The Blues Brothers to The Shawshank Redemption, two of the page’s most popular movies — not to mention underappreciated nuggets like this beauty from 1999’s Armageddon turkey The Omega Code: ”There is a war going on, between angels of light and dark, over your soul.” Now, there’s something to lay on your sweetie.