AMELIE (Miramax, R) Paris looks as delectable as a creme brulee in Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s story of a winsome do-gooder (Audrey Tautou).

JOHN Q. (New Line, PG-13) Denzel Washington breathes his trademark brand of dignity into a father driven to desperate measures to save his son’s life.

PINERO (Miramax, R) Benjamin Bratt struts as the titular playwright, whose career burned bright before the hard drugs and even harder living.

ROBIN AND MARIAN (Columbia TriStar, PG, DVD) Sean Connery’s aging Robin Hood returns to Sherwood to rescue Audrey Hepburn’s Maid Marian.

STORYTELLING (New Line, R) Todd Solondz returns with yet another tale of suburban woe and dysfunction. Best viewed with an open bottle of Prozac.