Brian Dennehy may star in Enron TV movie. He'd play an executive at the notorious energy corporation, in CBS' black-comic take on the company's scandalous collapse

The Crooked E: The Inside Story of Enron

If you didn’t own stock in Enron, you might be able to find something laughable in the company’s colossal collapse. Something in the hubris, hypocrisy, and self-delusion involved might elicit a bitter chuckle. That’s what CBS seems to think, given the details of an Enron TV movie scheduled for the upcoming season that the network started developing a couple months ago. Variety reports that the movie now has a title, a director, and a potential star in Brian Dennehy.

Called ”The Crooked E: The Inside Story of Enron,” the movie will be based on ”Anatomy of Greed,” a soon-to-be-published book by Brian Cruver. Cruver writes that Enron’s human resources department mistook him for another job candidate and mistakenly hired him as an energy trader; fittingly, he started work on April Fool’s Day of 2001, just in time to witness the company’s fall from the inside. Variety reports that Dennehy, last seen as hot-tempered Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight in ESPN’s movie ”A Season on the Brink,” is in talks to play Mr. Blue, a composite character in Cruver’s book who is based several Enron executives.

Directing the movie will be Penelope Spheeris, known for both her TV-comedy-to-film adaptations (”Wayne’s World,” ”The Beverly Hillbillies”) and her ”Decline of Western Civilization” trilogy of semi-satirical documentaries about punk and metal musicians (she showed the domestic side of Ozzy Osbourne 14 years before MTV aired ”The Osbournes”). Producer Alys Shanti tells Variety, ”Our [project] is both a drama and a satire. We treat the tragic elements of the crash of Enron very seriously and at the same time we’re going to dramatize the satirical aspects of Enron culture. Penelope’s body of work reflects the ability to do both.”

The Crooked E: The Inside Story of Enron
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