''Osbournes'' will air unbleeped in Canada. After the kiddies go to sleep, CTV will offer the full Ozzy to primetime viewers

If you really want to know what Ozzy, Sharon, Kelly, and Jack are saying, you’ll have to go to Canada. Though ”The Osbournes” has already aired in its familiar, much-bleeped form on MTV Canada, Variety reports that broadcaster CTV will start airing the foulmouthed family’s show uncensored, starting in September. (Families who don’t want their little ones hearing or emulating Kelly and Jack needn’t worry, as long as they put the kids to bed before 10 p.m., and other faint-of-ears viewers will be warned about the show’s strong words with frequent ”strongly worded advisories.”) Of course, even with the bleeps removed, it still may be impossible to tell what the @#$&* Ozzy is saying.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports that MTV has not decided how to address Sharon Osbourne’s recent cancer surgery when the reality show’s second season starts this fall. A source close to the family tells the Post that no cameras were present during the managerial mom’s hospitalization last week, during which doctors treated her for colon cancer. (She’s expected to make a full recovery.) ”Our main concern right now is for Sharon’s well-being,” an MTV spokesperson tells the paper.

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