Christian Bale, Izabella Scorupco, ...
Credit: Reign of Fire: Jonathan Hession

If you see just one craptacular summer entertainment about an Earth ruled (a mere 18 years in the future) by humongous, fireball-breathing dragons, then rescued by a Patton-like rogue American warrior and his wary British ally, it should be Reign of Fire. Actually, the season could do with more grinning, spinning, un-self-important, happy-to-be-B throwback movies like this one.

Made by veteran ”X-Files” director Rob Bowman, ”Reign” is a rip-roaring, video-game-busy, ”Mad Max”-imum entertainment in which Matthew ”Offense!” McConaughey, as the bonkers Yank leader (shaved head, bulging biceps, tattoos, and biker beard straight out of ”Oz”), rolls into the British fortress headed by Christian ”Defense!” Bale (whose sensitivity is as shaggy as his haircut), and the two joust for leadership. Then they team up and save the world together. (Polish model-turned-actress Izabella Scorupco plays all women rolled into one blonde helicopter pilot with desirable lips.)

The CGI flying-dragon stuff is strictly average, but ”Aliens” cinematographer Adrian Biddle knows how to photograph a rotting plane, and the story is enlivened by a throwaway good humor rare as dragon?s eggs.

Reign of Fire
  • Movie
  • 102 minutes