Madonna will appear in James Bond movie. The Material Mom will wield a sword in ''Die Another Day,'' as well as sing the theme song
Credit: Madonna: Serge Benhamou/Prestige/Getty Images/Newscom

At last, a Madonna movie appearance that’s likely to be a hit. Confirming what had been rumored for weeks, Madonna will have a cameo in ”Die Another Day,” this fall’s James Bond movie, her spokeswoman says. She’ll play a fencing instructor in a scene that pits Pierce Brosnan’s Agent 007 against a villain named Gustav Graves (played by Toby Stephens), the Associated Press reports. Madonna is also singing the title song, which she recorded earlier this spring, and for which she will film a video in Los Angeles next month, the spokeswoman says.

Madonna had reportedly bowed out of a cameo earlier in the film’s production schedule because it conflicted with rehearsals for ”Up for Grabs,” the London stage play in which she debuted this spring. However, she found time earlier this week to film her scenes, AP reports.

Tabloid rumors had said that Madonna had agreed to appear only on the condition that her husband, ”Snatch” director Guy Ritchie, be allowed to rewrite her dialogue, but that Ritchie ultimately chose not to do so. Meanwhile, Ritchie and Madonna’s own movie, ”Swept Away,” is scheduled to open Oct. 18, about a month before ”Die” on Nov. 22.

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