Jon Stewart brings his ''Daily Show'' to CNN. International viewers will get to see Stewart compile the best of his headline spoofs on the otherwise serious news network

Jon Stewart used to joke that, when a Canadian approached him and asked what Americans really and truly think of Canada, he replied, ”We don’t.” But Stewart will now have to start thinking about other countries, since overseas audiences will now get to watch a special weekly edition of his ”Daily Show,” culling the best of his news spoofs each week, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

”The Daily Show: Global Edition” will premiere on Sept. 21 on CNN International, airing in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. Unfortunately, U.S. audiences won’t get to see it, since it would compete with regular airings of the ”Daily Show” on Comedy Central, which is part-owned by AOL Time Warner, the parent company of CNN (and Entertainment Weekly).

It’s not clear how well Stewart’s dry, ironic humor will play overseas, but CNN isn’t worried. ”He’s not offensive. He’s not a know-it-all, boasting American,” CNN International General Manager Rena Golden told the Journal-Constitution. As for why a news network is airing an entertainment show, Golden acknowledges that ”it’s a risk,” but notes that CNN’s international demographic skews younger than American CNN broadcasts do. (Gee, maybe American CNN should hire Stewart too.) Besides, she says, Stewart has a grasp of current events, so he’s relevant, kind of. ”I wouldn’t put on Benny Hill, for God’s sake,” she says.