David Hasselhoff enters rehab. The former ''Baywatch'' star checks into the Betty Ford Center for the second time in a month to kick alcoholism

David Hasselhoff, whose lifeguard character spent so many years saving others on ”Baywatch,” is trying to save himself. According to the Associated Press, the 49-year-old actor checked himself into The Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, Calif., on June 26 for treatment of alcoholism. ”He realized his social drinking had increased more than he was comfortable with and he decided to do something about it,” his spokesman said in a statement.

However, other published reports suggest that Hasselhoff’s problem was far worse than just ”social drinking.” The New York Daily News reports that Hasselhoff checked into Betty Ford earlier in the month as well but left after a couple of days. Hours later, the News reports, a guard found him passed out in his hotel room, where he’d consumed all the alcohol in the minibar. He was rushed to Eisenhower Medical Center in Palm Desert, Calif. and treated for alcohol poisoning. Upon his release from the hospital, on June 26, he went back to Betty Ford.