Mad dollars, Jacko's star trip, Will Smith, and Tommy Lee Jones: Go behind the scenes of ''Men in Black II'' in an excerpt from Entertainment Weekly's July 5, 2002, cover story
Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones
Credit: Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith Photographs by Platon

It has eye-popping aliens played by ”The Practice”’s Lara Flynn Boyle and ”Jackass”’ Johnny Knoxville, hundreds of special effects, and even a cameo by the King of Pop. But ”Men in Black II” rides almost completely on the dynamic between its two identically garbed but otherwise mismatched ET-busters. One is a 55-year-old West Texas rancher whose former college roommate became Vice President Al Gore. The other is a 33-year-old West Philly rapper whose former partner…well, still is DJ Jazzy Jeff. But Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith have a chemistry that works. ”To me, they’re not only a comedy couple,” says director Barry Sonnenfeld (also returning from the original), ”they’re strangely a romantic couple, too.”

Men in Black II
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