Sharon Osbourne will undergo cancer treatment. Doctors expect the MTV mom to recover fully after Wednesday's procedure, while Ozzy is postponing Ozzfest kickoff dates to be at her side
Sharon Osbourne
Credit: Sharon Osbourne: Steve Granitz/

Metal matriarch Sharon Osbourne has been diagnosed with cancer but is expected to recover fully after she undergoes surgery today, the Osbournes’ publicist said in a statement yesterday. The New York Daily News asked Lisa Vega, the spokeswoman for the family, whose round-the-clock exploits are the subject of the hit MTV series ”The Osbournes,” questions about the type of cancer, the nature of the surgery, and where the operation will take place, but Vega declined to answer, citing the family’s privacy. No word on whether MTV will film the procedure for posterity.

Vega did say in her statement that Sharon ”has the loving support of her husband and three children, who are by her side at this time.” In fact, published reports say that husband Ozzy has postponed the first two dates of his Ozzfest tour (July 6 in Bristow, Va., and July 7 in Pittsburgh) to be with Sharon. It’s not clear when those dates will be rescheduled, or whether additional dates will be postponed.

Sharon, of course, manages Ozzy’s career and organizes the perennially successful Ozzfest. She negotiated a multimillion-dollar deal for the family for a second season of ”The Osbournes.” She’s been married to Ozzy for nearly 20 years (in fact, their 20th anniversary is tomorrow). The 49-year-old has also shared in Ozzy’s formerly alcohol-fueled lifestyle and its attendant health problems. She also once weighed as much as 224 pounds, Reuters reports, but lost 90 pounds after a gastric bypass operation.