More alleged R. Kelly sex tapes emerge. Florida officials turn over to Chicago police copies of another tape that purportedly shows the indicted R&B star engaging in illicit sex acts
R. Kelly
Credit: R Kelly: Sue Ogrocki/REUTERS/NewsCom

Just days after R. Kelly pleaded not guilty to 21 counts of child pornography in charges stemming from a tape that allegedly shows him having sex with a 14-year-old girl, MTV News reports that Chicago police are investigating four copies of another video, turned over by police in Florida (where Kelly was arrested last month on the Chicago warrant), that purportedly shows the singer engaged in illicit sex acts.

According to MTV, police in Orange County, Fla., received the four copies of the video from an RV rental company that found the tapes in a motor home rented and returned by men claiming to be Kelly employees. They forwarded the tapes to Chicago police days after Kelly was indicted in early June. Orange County Sheriff’s Captain Bernard Presha told E! Online that the tape featured ”four different scenes, and four different women…. The women came into a room and performed sex acts. In at least one [scene], he was paying the person.”

A Kelly spokesman dismissed news of the new tapes, telling that they would ”prejudice the jury pool,” were not on the prosecution’s discovery list, and indicated the weakness of the case against the R&B star. ”The prosecutors are in the process of supposedly turning over to Robert’s lawyers all relevant information that would include any so-called tapes like this, and they said nothing about this,” the spokesman said. ”They were not taken from Robert’s house [in Davenport, Fla.], which was searched by the Florida police. They came from some other unknown source. So we have no idea what they are. And the fact that they are leaking this stuff to the press indicates that they don’t feel confident enough to proceed through the normal process of justice.” Kelly’s next court date is August 7.