Tom Green appears drunk on Leno. The stunt-prone comedian deliberately got wasted on Wednesday night's ''Tonight Show''


It was the weirdest thing Tom Green has done since, well, ”Freddy Got Fingered”: The comedian sat down with Jay Leno on ‘”The Tonight Show” on Wednesday and proceeded to guzzle at least half a dozen shots of Jägermeister on camera, according to the New York Daily News. He soon started to ”mumble incoherently,” unnerving Leno, the Daily News reports. Green then repeatedly interrupted ”Men In Black II” costar Rosario Dawson’s interview, even spilling liquor on her.

But don’t worry — Green’s behavior wasn’t some kind of long-delayed aftershock from his split with Drew Barrymore. Instead, it was a deliberately planned stunt, according to Green’s publicist. ”He had an idea that it would be funny to come on the show and get drunk and do something different,” the publicist tells the Daily News. “I think he ended up feeling the effects of it a little more than he expected to.” Green was said to have been inspired by watching old tapes of Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin drinking on Johnny Carson’s ”Tonight Show.” Way to go, Tom.

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