What’s it like to be a stunt driver on a Hollywood blockbuster? A huge pain in the butt padding, if it’s anything like Stuntman. In the game, you play a professional crash-test dummy who earns money by performing increasingly complex tricks. Your director is a control freak who is constantly shouting instructions during midair crashes, barrel rolls, and motorcycle slides. And he admonishes you for every failed stunt, which is often, since there are no rehearsals. THE ASSIST Start a new game using the name BindI to unlock everything. THE LAST SHOT Instead of performing impossibly elaborate tricks with multiple winning outcomes, Stuntman forces you to race the clock while following a strict path from jump A to explosion B. The game is fairly realistic — it was made with the help of 007 stunt coordinator Vic Armstrong — so the explanations accompanying each stunt offer informational tidbits for Michael Bay wannabes. My advice: Wear a helmet while playing, because you’ll be banging your head against the TV in frustration.