Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow


The adventures of Stevie, Carole, and Lisa — three 12-year-old girls who absolutely love horses — were first part of a popular book series, then an Australian TV show, and now a direct-to-video movie. The premise? Adolescent angst around an idyllic horse barn. Red, the hottie stable hand, induces crushing amongst the young equestrians; rich Vanessa, the bad-seed blonde, wreaks cliquey havoc; and Max, the handsome riding coach, will make mothers watching with their kids swoon. Young ‘uns alert: A lovely beast goes to horsey heaven (like, literally) and a mom’s passing is sorta tied to a new foal’s birth. Ultimately, friendships are tested, life lessons learned, and equine love unites one and all.

Saddle Club: Adventures at Pine Hollow
  • Movie