What would the Hulk look like at midlife…or naked? Hulk director Ang Lee has the answers. Lou Ferrigno, Bill Bixby’s growling alter ego for 13 years in the ’70s series and telepics, snagged a cameo as a security guard in a scene with new star Eric Bana. While the film beast will be CGI, could the ex-Mr. Universe, now 49, still pull off the role? ”Definitely,” boasts Ferrigno (right). ”I’m 285 pounds, in the best shape of my life — benching over 400.” And Hulk in the buff? ”Ang made a creative choice…to have him naked. It’s like he’s first born,” says Universal exec Mary Parent. But, she adds, ”he’s posed in a way that’s not revealing. Obviously, we’re not having frontal Hulk nudity.”

The Hulk
  • Movie
  • 137 minutes