Readers professed their ”Modern Love” to cover stars Moby and David Bowie (#656, May 31). ”Thank you so much for the wonderful Bowie/Moby interview,” writes April Dawson of Monongahela, Pa. ”I’ve been waiting to see Bowie live and didn’t know too much about Moby, [but] my anticipation for Area 2 has now grown threefold!” Music fans like Jordan Luckman of Edgewood, Wash., however, argued our summer concert guide came up short: ”You mention all the commercial concerts but leave out the smaller and ultimately better ones, like Powderfinger, the White Stripes, and Oasis.” Finally, devoted readers of Carol Shields raised their pens in praise of the cancer-stricken novelist. Writes Nicole Myers from Nova Scotia: ”Shields’ work evokes passion and wonderment and has introduced unforgettable characters into my life. I am in awe of her talent and her spirit and will forever be a fan.”

The Art of Noise

Your brilliant interview with Bowie and Moby said more about them, their art, and the state of the music business than years’ worth of critical essays and made me more sure than ever that if I ever fulfilled my 30-year-long dream of meeting Bowie, I’d be so terrified of his withering criticism that I’d be struck dumb. A. GOLDIN Montclair, N.J.

I was reluctant to start reading the Moby and Bowie article because I feared it would be the same as pretty much every interview of any big music star I’ve read in the past six months. Contrary to expectations, I found it to be refreshingly honest and kind of funny. It made my day. Thank you. JESSICA CARAWAY Indialantic, Fla.

Although it was very clever of you to work heterochromian into your cover story on summer music, it would have been nice if someone on your editing staff had verified just which of David Bowie’s eyes is blue and which is brown. It’s one way on the cover photo and the opposite on the inside shot. BARBARA FRANCETT Bloomfield, N.J.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The inside photo on page 26 is correct; the cover image of Bowie was flopped. Indeed, the singer’s left eye is brown and has a permanently dilated pupil. We regret the ch-ch-change.

I didn’t think david bowie could look any more like an alien until I saw your cover. What were you thinking? KELLY PEREZ Fayetteville, N.C.

I loved Dan Snierson’s article on David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar. That part about Sammy sleeping with the light on if Dave brings out his buttless pants pitched me right off the couch laughing! PHILIP LUCE Aberdeen, Wash.

Shields of Gold

I can’t thank you enough for your heartfelt and sensitive article on the health challenges facing author Carol Shields (”No Tears”). As a fellow Canadian, I am proud of Ms. Shields’ brave fight and even prouder of her ability to produce her latest novel, Unless, under such difficult circumstances. She is — and will always be — one of our greatest writers. Many thanks to Karen Valby for painting such a loving portrait. JOHN FARRELL Toronto