Judge rejects Robert Blake bail bid. He says he'll reconsider after more evidence is presented in murder case

Robert Blake won’t be getting out of jail for a while: The judge in the actor’s murder case rejected Blake’s request to be freed on bail while awaiting trial, according to published reports. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lloyd Nash said that he would reconsider the request once he’s heard more about the evidence against Blake.

Defense lawyer Harland Braun asked the judge to free Blake on the grounds that he’s dyslexic and thus unable to assist with his defense while jailed, according to Reuters. After the judge nixed the request on Thursday, Braun told reporters that he will try to get an appeals court to overturn the decision, the Associated Press reports.

The next step for the case, in which Blake is accused of shooting his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley, is a preliminary hearing that will allow the judge to evaluate the prosecution’s evidence. Blake is due back in court August 27; the judge said he hopes to hold the preliminary hearing shortly after that. He brushed aside a request from Blake’s side to delay that hearing until November.