IT fortysomething sex symbol sheryl CROW

AGE 40 WHY HER? A rock record (C’mon C’mon) ensconced in the top 15 for two months? By a 40-year-old? In 2002? Here’s to those biceps she’s been showing off in bikini-filled video and Stuff cover shoots — and to experience trumping youth, for once: She’s Buff, the Vanessa Carlton Slayer. ON BEING A SEX SYMBOL ”I’ve always really shied away from [showing skin] because of not wanting people to perceive me as less than credible. And it’s really interesting what happened when I turned 40. For two years before that, I was so bogged down with what it meant, and then I really turned a corner and embraced my age. To go and do something like Stuff was not only facing a fear, but getting into the fact that that is a side of my personality. And I am proud of my body.” THE LONG HAIR HELPS ”It sounds sexist, but [people] equate long hair with being sexy. I remember, when I had my hair short, opening a magazine and it saying that I looked like a soccer mom.” CAREER HIGH ”The Central Park gig [1999] for me was dreamlike.” CAREER LOW ”Walking out on stage for my first stadium gig, [singing backup] on the Michael Jackson tour, and having my dress split up the back.” DREAM COLLABORATORS Who hasn’t she sung with? ”I would like to work with Bruce. And Lucinda — we have similar sensibilities.” CREATIVE CRUTCH ”If I get stuck, I like to pick up a John Fante [Ask the Dust] book. His writing is so colorful and graphic that it sometimes helps me find the voice for a character in a song.” WORST ADVICE ”When I was 19, my mom told me I was too assertive. We still joke about that one.” NEXT Some last-minute surfing before the Jeep World Outside Festival tour.

IT soul siren RES

AGE 24 WHY HER? Melding rock, pop, and soul into one feel-good groove, RES (pronounced Reese) piqued the interest of music fans and critics tired of the same old song and dance. Her debut, How I Do, continues to surf the charts on the strength of the irresistible single ”They Say Vision.” DREAM COLLABORATOR Bjork. ”I really connect with her music, and I love her personal style.” FASHION GURU Indiana Jones. ”I’m into wearing rugged, comfortable gear like he did.” CAREER SHE’D MOST LIKE TO HAVE Sade’s. ”She makes timeless music with class, elegance, and style. Her style is her own. No one can duplicate it, no one tries to duplicate it, and if they try, they look like a fool. Plus, she has a private life, which is something I admire, because a lot of artists and musicians don’t.” CREATIVE CRUTCHES Egg-white omelettes, pancakes, and Evian water. ”I’m a creature of habit, so when I’m doing something important, I try to eat exactly the same thing every day.” IF SHE WEREN’T SINGING, SHE’D BE… ”A money manager. My major in college was finance, and that’s where I was headed — investing other people’s money.” next Touring and working on songs for her sophomore album.

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