IT web auteur


AGE 41 WHY HIM? Working alone out of his Dundee, Scotland, home, Taylor is patiently creating Rustboy, a gorgeously rendered animated tale he describes as ”Pinocchio meets Frankenstein.” (He hopes to air the 25-minute short on British television by Christmas 2003.) Posting regular progress reports and brief snippets on his website (, Taylor has earned a legion of online fans and rapturous praise from Hollywood’s top animators. BEST ADVICE ”Work for yourself.” WORST ADVICE ”Work in the computer-games industry.” THE SECRET TO HIS SUCCESS ”I don’t read software manuals unless I’m absolutely forced,” says the self-taught computer animator. ”This results in doing things in unconventional ways, giving your work a unique look.” BEST OFFER TURNED DOWN ”I got an e-mail from a porn star who asked if I’d be interested in creating a 3-D virtual model of her. She attached some photos which were, uh, quite interesting.”

IT trendspotter DANY LEVY

AGE 29 WHY HER? Levy’s delectably trendy e-mail service DailyCandy (110,000 subscribers and counting) offers one amuse bouche per day for hungry hipsters in New York and L.A., trumpeting everything from body mints to corseted T-shirts. The day after DailyCandy reviewed Interesting Women by New Yorker writer Andrea Lee, it shot from No. 9,000 on to No. 6. HOW SHE PICKS CANDY ”It’s a combination of word of mouth, editorial instincts, and subscribers and friends pitching me.” ON WHY SHE’S NOT A CARRIE BRADSHAW-STYLE FASHIONISTA ”I’m asleep by 11, use cheap shampoo, and get my hair cut at Supercuts.” WHAT’S ”IT” RIGHT NOW? ”I’m really fascinated by gym trends. I was going to suggest kung fu as the hot new gym class, but my L.A. editor says it’s sumo wrestling. There’s a class at UCLA.” NEXT DailyCandy, London.

IT web animator XETH FEINBERG

AGE 42 WHY HIM? Feinberg (with writer Mike Reiss) masterminds Queer Duck, the wickedly funny cartoon about an oh-so-gay fowl that can be seen on Showtime (following, aptly enough, Queer as Folk) and online (with other envelope-pushing creations) at CAREER LOW ”Discovering — when I read a blurb in The New York Times — that one of my major clients was bankrupt.” CREATIVE CRUTCH ”Getting my friends drunk and repackaging our conversations as sketches in a notebook can be useful.” IF HE WERE A CARTOON CHARACTER, HE’D BE… ”A mole burrowing under the well-manicured lawn of the animation business. Only I’d be better looking and not quite as nearsighted.” DONALD DUCK, DAFFY DUCK, OR QUEER DUCK: WHO THROWS THE BEST PARTIES? ”Queer Duck. He’s got the friends, the lifestyle, the attitude. As for Donald, what does he expect with that tired old sailor suit? And Daffy? He’s a bitter, sputtering, alienated malcontent.” NEXT ”I’m hoping to develop some new original cartoons. When they become successful, I’ll begin construction of Feinbergland at an as-yet-undetermined location.”