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Redd Kross, Steven McDonald

Hitting the Ground

Ever wonder what White Stripes tunes like ”Fell in Love With a Girl” would sound like with a bass augmenting Jack and Meg White’s guitar and drums? Steven McDonald of SoCal cult rockers Redd Kross has added bass lines to songs from the Stripes’ ”White Blood Cells” and posted the results on the Redd Kross website ( The site also features a doctored photo of the ”White Blood Cells” cover, with McDonald’s image superimposed next to Jack and Meg’s and the title changed to ”Redd Blood Cells.” McDonald admits his motive was purely mercenary. ”I really wanted to go to the sold-out White Stripes show,” he says. ”So I recorded the bass parts, added them to the songs, put the songs on our site, and called their booking agent to tell them what I did. And it worked. They put me on the guest list!” McDonald says his fears of a lawsuit were quashed when he met Jack backstage and told the guitarist what he had done. ”He thought it was cool,” says McDonald. No word yet if a job offer is imminent.

Hitting the Ground
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