CEREAL THRILLERS Forget Bentleys and buxom dancers. The prop du jour in hip-hop videos is something Mikey would like: breakfast cereal. ”Cereal is the perfect meal,” says auteur Little x, who created a Redman cereal for 1999’s ”I’ll Bee Dat!” ”It’s something you can eat any time, and it’s perfect for people who can’t cook, like me.” While General Mills’ Greg Zimprich appreciates the shout-out, he notes: ”I’m not sure you’ll see a rapper on the Wheaties box any time soon.” Here’s a roundup of bowled moves. — Holly Bailey

— JA RULE FEATURING ASHANTI ”Always on Time” Two lingerie-clad ladies serve a bowl of Trix to Ja Rule. But he’s gone after just two bites. ”I just thought…eating Trix — some fruity, colorful cereal — would show his insistence on hanging on to his past,” says director Dave Meyers.

— ALICIA KEYS ”How Come You Don’t Call Me” The Grammy winner nurses a broken heart by noshing on ”Cereal X” — a reference to director Little x. (Keys’ real fave is Apple Jacks.) ”I don’t know how many boxes of cereal we went through during the shoot,” he says, ”but it seemed like a lot.”

— LUDACRIS ”Saturday (Oooh Ooooh!)” Awakened by randy chickens, the Atlanta rapper grabs a box of ”Cocomotion” (actually Froot Loops). ”We didn’t put as much thought into the cereal,” says director Steve Carr, ”as we did the shot of two chickens doing it doggy style.”

— MOBB DEEP ”Hey Luv (Anything)” While talking on the phone to a young hottie, Mobb’s Prodigy pours himself a bowl of Cocoa Puffs — though according to Little x, the performer usually prefers magically delicious Lucky Charms. ”It’s Mobb Deep,” Little x explains. ”They’re not going to be eating that Pokemon cereal.”




”Maybe in the beginning, but not really. He doesn’t look like Frodo. His feet are way smaller.” — The Bourne Identity’s Franke Potente, on whether her Try Seventeen costar and rumored beau, elijah wood, reminds her of a certain hobbit