Celebs pick their favorite up-and-comers. See if you agree
Kirsten Dunst
Credit: Kirsten Dunst: Todd France/Image Direct

ANNETTE BENING (”American Beauty”) ”Six Feet Under.” It’s so ahead of its time, with a dark edge.

BRUCE VILANCH (”Hollywood Squares”) The Rock. He has tremendous sex appeal — I’d sleep with him. He’s a hunk with charm.

DENNIS HOPPER (”24”) Viggo Mortensen is doing some fine work as an actor and as an artist.

RITA WILSON (actress/producer, ”My Big Fat Greek Wedding”) Hollywood the city is back. We have the ArcLight Cinemas, the Kodak Theatre combined with all these great new restaurants and clubs. Now let’s do more rock concerts at the Hollywood Bowl.

MATTHEW PERRY (”Friends”) Hasselhoff. It’s always Hasselhoff.

CHI McBRIDE (”Boston Public”) Tobey Maguire’s going to be It for a while. He’s a fine actor and a nice young man who’s humble and lovable.

CARSON DALY (”TRL”) John Mayer is absolutely incredible. People are comparing him to Dave Matthews. He’s only sold like gold status right now, so he hasn’t quite popped yet. The same way my mom talked about James Taylor is the same way I’m talking about him.

WILLIAM BALDWIN (”Virus”) ”The Osbournes.” It’s the most brilliant TV since ”All in the Family.” It’s like ”Green Acres” meets ”The Munsters.”

MILA KUNIS (”That ’70s Show) Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst are It. They’re not bad looking, and their movie’s done pretty damn well.

COOLIO Ben Affleck. He’s the new leading man. He’s cool — not all Hollywood, acting like a star and whatnot.

JA RULE Vin Diesel is going to be a big action hero like Schwarzenegger.

JANE SEYMOUR (”Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”) Hugh Grant in ”About a Boy.”

PATRICIA HEATON (”Everybody Loves Raymond”) The guy who’s doing the tiles for our kitchen.

COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE (”Friends”) My new iPod. I’m obsessed with downloading songs. Nikka Costa is my favorite — every single song on her album is amazing.

AJ McLEAN (Backstreet Boys) Shakira, just because she’s Latin and so adorable. I like her whole style.

JASON ALEXANDER (”Shallow Hal”) Kirsten Dunst. She’s legal now, and I happen to think she’s a really fine actress. She has that little Jodie Foster thing going on where she’s really coming into her womanhood.