Britney shows for her restaurant opening. Pop megastar announced plans to eat some fried chicken
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: James Devaney/

She didn’t tend bar or wait tables, but a glammed-out Britney Spears did turn up in midtown Manhattan Thursday night to celebrate the opening of her new restaurant, NyLa. A gum-chomping Spears wore what the New York Daily News described as ”a super sexy scoop-neck black mini-dress,” and failed to wave at 500 fans gathered outside, according to the paper.

Spears announced that she intended to eat some fried chicken, but then disappeared into a private room somewhere in the restaurant, the New York Post reported. ”I love New York — the energy is so good,” Spears told reporters before vanishing. Among the party attendees were former mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Deborah Gibson, David Copperfield, Samantha Cole and C-list boy band LMNT, according to reports.

NyLa — whose name mashes together New York and Britney’s home state of Louisiana — serves Cajun-infused cuisine. It’s situated in the upscale Dylan Hotel, and downplays the Britney connection — no posters, t-shirts, or even belly-button pictures. But we’re sure Britney will be there every night to say hello to each and every diner.