Jennifer Aniston will testify in court -- The ''Friends'' star is suing over publication of paparazzi photo
Jennifer Aniston
Credit: Jennifer Aniston: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

Jennifer Aniston can be a good Friend, but it turns out she’s also a relentless foe: Three years after two skin mags printed a topless picture of her, the star is ready to testify against them in a lawsuit. The suit, which alleges that Man’s World Publications and Crescent Publishing Group misappropriated Aniston’s ”right to publicity,” will go to trial next week, according to published reports.

A U.S. District Judge denied Aniston’s request for a jury to hear the case; the judge will rule on the case himself after a trial that’s expected to last one week, according to the Associated Press. Aniston’s suit alleges that a picture printed in the magazines Celebrity Skin and High Society was taken by ”stalkerazzi” who climbed a neighbor’s wall and caught her ”reclining topless in her backyard, wearing only her panties,” according to AP. Aniston — who is one of many celebrities battling aggressive paparazzi — has already reached settlements or won cases against other magazines that printed the photo.

Aniston, incidentally, has a few sex scenes in her upcoming movie ”The Good Girl,” but never appears topless. She probably still sunbathes, however.