Did the Osbournes really sign their new contract in blood? Find out the answer to this Burning Question
Ozzy Osbourne, The Osbournes

Q Word has it that Ozzy Osbourne and family signed the renewal contract for their MTV show in blood. Is that true?

A MTV recently picked up the mammoth hit series The Osbournes for a second season, and — befitting the family’s histrionic antics — manic matriarch Sharon Osbourne reportedly pledged to sign the contract in blood. According to the New York Times, the final document (reportedly the biggest deal in the network’s history) was sent via fax, which would make it difficult to tell whether any blood was spilt. So, was there? Although the Osbournes will neither confirm nor deny — and the network has no official statement — we DID get an answer from one MTV source, who says, ”of course it’s a joke.” And what about the reported $20 mil the Osbournes will receive? Is that a joke too? Not bloody likely.

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