Great power means great responsibility, Spider-Man reminds us. And a skintight uniform means great risk of VPL (visible panty lines). In the flick — Pow! Bam! Zap! — Peter Parker quick-changed his lame-o pajamalike outfit for a superhero-worthy second skin. In reality, costume designer James Acheson made the suit that’s swung its way to $370.1 million at the box office. — Joe Dziemianowicz

1 Twenty-five people worked 10-hour days for two weeks to fashion one suit, and 24 suits were created in all. Do the math: That’s a whopping 84,000 man-hours.

2 The suit, which is made of spandex, is one piece ”all the way from the built-in boots to the top of the head,” according to Acheson, who is now working on dressing Ben Affleck for Daredevil. Except, of course, for one headpiece, which famously flipped up for the kissing-in-the-rain scene.

3 The arachnid-inspired design had to be all hand-done, with the suit’s web molded in latex, dyed, then hand-glued and painted with metallic finishes. While each suit reportedly cost up to $100,000 to make, Columbia declined to give the true price tag.

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