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No actor on The Sopranos can expect longevity, but series creator David Chase is really pressing the point with Fairuza Balk (Almost Famous). First, he recast her role as FBI agent Deborah Ciccerone, replacing her for this fall’s fourth season with Lola Glaudini, a veteran of NYPD Blue (as dope-addled secretary Dolores Mayo) who does a mean New Joisey accent but looks nothing like Balk. Then Chase took the extra step of reshooting Balk’s scenes in last season’s finale (rebroadcast June 2), where the character was introduced. Glaudini also subs for Balk on the video and DVD versions of the episode, on sale Aug. 27. Why the rubout? ”It was a creative decision,” says an HBO spokeswoman. Reps for both actresses maintain a Moblike omerta about the switch, confirming only that Glaudini will appear this fall, when the Aqua-Netted agent goes deeper undercover.

James Gandolfini
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