Looking Into the Future on the 'Minority Report' Websites

By Adam B. Vary
Updated June 21, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Much like the elaborate online snipe hunt developed to promote last summer’s Steven Spielberg sci-fi epic A.I., the Internet campaign for this summer’s Spielberg sci-fi epic, Minority Report, is a wee bit out there. At the movie’s official site (minorityreport.com), corporate partners Lexus, Nokia, and Activision have each created companion sites elaborating on the film’s vision of the future circa 2054 and its crime-solving story line (built around their respective products, of course). Sister site precrime.org is somewhat more ambitious. While presenting Report’s central stopping-murder-before-it-happens conceit as if it were political and scientific reality, it also attempts to ”recruit” potential Precrime agents via a series of ”prevision development” and ”rapid assessment” tests. (One test has visitors predict the size, shape, color, quantity, and type of randomly selected images—from jewelry to a human eye.) Twentieth Century Fox director of Internet marketing Liz Jones says they’re based on actual precognition tests, insisting ”we didn’t just make this all up.” Hmmm. How come we knew she would say that?