By Ty Burr
June 21, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Long before Arnold, there was the first action hero: Douglas Fairbanks Sr. A top-tier star of the silent cinema, the effervescent Fairbanks looked like a gigolo but moved like mercury, and his high-flying stunts can still make a jaded modern viewer gasp in delight. The Mark of Zorro was one of Fairbanks’ best and the template for countless TV and big-screen remakes. The sequel is both more routine and more convoluted, and the DVD extras are pretty baroque too: chapters from a self-help book that Fairbanks wrote, home movies shot on the studio lot, and Orson Welles discoursing on how his childhood hero’s quality of ”innocent arrogance…has never been seen since.” And, yes, that includes Antonio Banderas.