By EW Staff
Updated June 21, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Channel surfers put down their remotes to send us responses to our ”10 Ways to Fix TV” cover (#655, May 24). ”How about giving us more time to watch the programs before they get yanked off the air?” asks Deborah Walsh of Bluffton, S.C. ”I watched Leap of Faith and The American Embassy only to have them disappear without warning. If networks want us to watch, they [should] leave them on longer!” Meanwhile, theater lover Bob Canning of Petaluma, Calif., shouted ”Bravo!” to EW’s latest stage coverage, an actors’ roundtable and an Encore on Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick. ”A standing ovation to Mark Harris for ‘Play Mates of the Year’ and Nancy Sidewater for ‘The Great White Day’!” Anne Maguire from Washington, D.C., savored the zest of our Lemony Snicket story. ”Hooray for the Baudelaire children! Finally, some praise for these unlucky children and their creator!”

The Fix Is In

Your ”10 Ways To Fix TV” article was absolutely hysterical. The suggestions you had were great. I wish the big TV execs would take a page from your magazine. It could help them a lot! AMY CHOW Scotia, N.Y.

I agree with most of your recommendations, but 13 episodes a year? If they have only 22 now, for example, that means they’re off for 30 weeks. The season should run from Labor Day to Memorial Day. I have to work all year long, minus four weeks’ vacation, why shouldn’t they? They make a lot more money than I do! STEVE LANE Kansas City, Mo.

While I was flattered by Ken Tucker’s praise for my contribution to Frasier’s early years, my scruples, such as they are, compel me to point out that in lauding the ”badinage” I ”oversaw between Kelsey Grammer’s Frasier and David Hyde Pierce’s Niles,” Mr. Tucker conveys the impression that I was running the show. That job was in fact handled with annoying casual brilliance by Christopher Lloyd. I was happy to supply my share of badinage, but Frasier’s second season was only my first year in network TV, so most days the only thing I was running was a temperature. JOE KEENAN Paramount Television Network Los Angeles

Stage Right

Thank you, Mark Harris, for your wonderful article about film actors working on Broadway (”Play Mates of the Year”). It is rare that an interview with actors can make you feel exactly as they feel and think as they think, while describing every emotion on stage and off. I can’t remember ever reading a story in EW and not wanting it to end, until this one. All I can say is bravo, and yes, I am giving you a standing ovation! CHRIS SMITH Chicago

Lemony Scented

At the school where I teach fifth grade, my colleagues were appalled when I displayed a student’s recent book report featuring a baby doll tied up in a makeshift cage. Crazy, maybe, but inappropriate, no way — just another example of a reluctant reader inspired and enthralled by Lemony Snicket’s ”A Series of Unfortunate Events” (”Lemony Fresh”). Thank you, Daniel Handler, for creating something entirely new: subversive, smart books that make kids feel cool because they ”get it.” MARIA SMAKOSZ Beaver Falls, Pa.