Geddy Lee tackles a trio of L2T readers' queries

By EW Staff
Updated June 21, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Q. Have you composed anything so complex even you can’t figure out how you did it? — John Piedrahita, Atlanta

A. Well, there are a few songs on [the new Rush album] Vapor Trails that I’ll have a hell of a time trying to remember how we played them. I’m sure I’ll nail them, but it may take a bit. Or at least I’ll fake it as best I can.

Q. Would you consider working with Eddie Vedder or Bjork? — Douglas Maher, Naples, Fla.

A. Well, I like Eddie Vedder’s voice a lot, and he’s a great guy, so I’d be happy to work with him. And Bjork is one of my heroes, so that would be a treat. Although who knows what she’d be doing working with me.

Q. Where does Rush get off with their ridiculous ticket prices? Don’t you have more money than God yet?

A. If you’ve gone to any concert in the last five years, you’ll notice that Rush tickets are quite well priced. The Rolling Stones [top out at] $350 a ticket. You’re just not in touch, I’m afraid. And how much money I have is my business.