By Nicholas Fonseca
Updated June 21, 2002 at 04:00 AM EDT

Name Adam Beach age 29 Where You’ve Seen Him As Nicolas Cage’s charge, the sensitive Navajo code breaker Ben Yahzee, in Windtalkers Jump start Beach, who initially enrolled in drama class to ”fool around” with friends, says Johnny Depp’s 21 Jump Street inspired him to act: ”He created his own identity. He’s never boring.” Dream Role ”I’d love to do a horror film. I was the kid who would pretend to be Jason, put on the mask, and scare all of my friends in the middle of the night.” Atten-Hut! For Windtalkers‘ highly physical battle scenes, Beach enrolled in a fast-and-furious five-day boot camp: ”Oh, dude…on the third day, I wanted out!” Price of Fame Fans in his native Canada often recognize Beach from Gap ads. ”They had me all over bus stops and billboards. Now Windtalkers ads are all over Los Angeles. Where do I go from here?!” Next The similar-sounding Skinwalkers, a PBS Mystery! episode based upon a Tony Hillerman novel, and The Big Empty, with Jon Favreau and Kelsey Grammer.