The Osbournes' inevitable book deal -- It seems that Sharon wants to write an alternative-parenting manual
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Credit: The Osbournes: Russ Einhorn/STAR MAX/NewsCom

The Osbourne-family backlash should be starting right about…now. With ”The Osbournes Unf***ingauthorized” and Pocket Books’ official behind-the-scenes guide to the popular MTV reality show en route — not to mention the action figures, mugs, sleepwear, and voice-activated plush bears — now might not be the best time for Sharon Osbourne to shop another book idea.

But at last week’s MTV Movie Awards, she told EW of her plans for an alternative-parenting manual. ”I haven’t done a deal for it, but I’m working on it right now,” she said. ”I just adore adolescents, I love them to death.”

”This seems about as unlikely an idea as Dean Martin writing a book on overcoming alcoholism,” says one underwhelmed top editor. ”Has this joke gone too far?” Of course it has, but stay tuned for the six-figure deal.

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