Bill Cosby says Ozzy's a bad dad. The comedian tells ''Access Hollywood'' that he's sick of hearing about the Osbournes
Bill Cosby
Credit: Bill Cosby: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press/NewsCom

America’s favorite dad from the ’80s isn’t happy with his new-millennium replacement: Bill Cosby lashed out at the Osbournes in an interview with ”Access Hollywood,” calling them ”sad.” The genial comedian lost his cool when the subject of the clan’s MTV show came up, according to a statement from NBC. ”Let me tell you something about Ozzy Osbourne,” he said in the interview, which airs Thursday night. ”First of all, all of you need to stop with this Ozzy. This is a sad, sad family; it is a sad case.”

The genteel Cosby even blasted poor Kelly and Jack. ”The children are sad and the parents are sad,” he said, adding that ”The Osbournes” is ”not entertainment.” Repeating the word ”sad” several more times, Cos said he wouldn’t want the show playing in his home. ”I don’t like to look at things like that,” he said.

A publicist for the Osbournes, who recently signed up for a second season with MTV, tells that the family has no plans to respond to Cosby’s rant. Does that mean no Oz/Cos duet?

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