Meet Pamela Anderson, journalist. The ''V.I.P.'' star will contribute a column to Jane magazine

The ever-versatile Pamela Anderson has dabbled in TV, movies, and homemade porn, but now she’s tackling her most challenging field ever: journalism. The former ”Baywatch” star has taken a gig as a monthly columnist at Jane magazine, according to the Associated Press. She’ll peck out pieces on subjects near to her heart, including raising kids, domestic violence, and women’s health issues, AP reported.

Anderson got the gig after she sent editor Jane Pratt e-mails complaining about a Jane cover profile of her, according to AP. Pratt was apparently so impressed with Anderson’s ideas (and, perhaps, her masterfully crafted prose) that she offered her a regular feature, which will be called ”Pam Honestly.” But hopefully Jane at least considered borrowing the vastly superior title ”Stripperella.”