Meet new singing sensation Anastacia. The woman who turned down Michael Jackson dishes with about being a ''Diva'' and a ''Freak''

Freak of Nature

Blond hair? Check. Toned tummy? Check. Dance moves? Check. Sings like…Taylor Dayne? That’s the reaction 29-year-old Anastacia is used to getting. But now this latest VH1 ”Diva” has a top five dance single (”One Day in Your Life”) and a new R&B-flavored album in stores June 18 (”Freak of Nature”). And did we mention that her high-profile fans include Michael Jackson (who wanted to sign her to his label), Sir Elton John, and Faith Evans, among others?

To get the lowdown on this hot new chart-topper, tracked Anastacia down in a New York studio and asked her what she thinks about ”Divas” and why she told the French she would like to ”f—” them.

Full name Anastacia Newkirk

Where she’s from Chicago-born, but raised and lives in New York

Why you know her She recently shared the stage with Celine Dion and Cher at VH1’s ”Divas Las Vegas.” Her second album, ”Freak of Nature,” has already gone triple platinum overseas since its December release.

Where you can find her next Singing the national anthem at the Major League Baseball Allstar Game (July 9)

Whom she’s worked with First duet was with Sir Elton John at Madison Square Garden; then with Michael Jackson, Pavarotti, Wyclef Jean, Jamiroquai, Paul McCartney, and Faith Evans

Her marital status Single. She recently ended a long-term relationship.

What’s a ”freak of nature”? ”A dynamic person with individual qualities and a gift from God. I think ‘freak’ is a positive. The freak has tremendous belief in how they need to deliver their message as a human being, whether it’s in clothes, or in music, or acting, or, you know, plumbing.”

Freak of Nature
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