Britney breaks her silence on Justin. Spears says she's sick of people asking her about her breakup
Britney Spears
Credit: Britney Spears: James Whatley/UK Press/Newscom

It’s official: the Britney/Justin publicity war has begun. First ‘N Sync hottie Timberlake — who, like Spears, had spent months denying pop’s royal pair had split — shared his heartache with People magazine. Now Spears has spilled a similar tale of woe to InStyle, telling the magazine that it was painful to see pictures of Timberlake hanging with a — gasp! — brunette. ”Of course it’s gonna kind of hurt sometimes, and you wonder things,” Spears told the magazine, according to the Associated Press. ”But you learn from it and grow. I’m trying to get to that point.”

Still, Spears told InStyle that she’s sick of strangers inquiring after her emotional health in the wake of the breakup (although it’s hard to imagine how her bodyguards let ordinary humans within 30 feet of her). ”People say, ‘Are you fine? Are you fine?’ And it’s like, ‘I’m here, aren’t I?”’ said Spears, who just announced a deal to make a NASCAR-themed film. ”What if I was some weakling and I was like, ‘Whaaa!”’

Spears also told the magazine that she and Timberlake are still, like, totally good friends. ”We’re climbing two different mountains,” she intoned. ”His priorities are different from mine right now.” Like dating brunettes?