ABC will make a Go-Go's TV biopic. A film based on the career of the '80s girl-pop band could be ready in time for next February's sweeps

Over at ABC, they’ve got the beat. The network is developing a made-for-TV movie about the Go-Go’s, tracing the rise, fall, and comeback attempts of the ’80s all-female quintet, in the hopes of having the film ready in time for next February’s sweeps period, Variety reports.

Producing the movie will be Mark Sennet, who produced ABC’s ”Inside the Osmonds” biopic last year. (Variety reports that Sennet and partner Alan Jacobs beat out several other suitors for the TV rights to the Go-Go’s story, including Kiss’ Gene Simmons.) Sennet tells the New York Daily News that the movie will be ”nothing like ‘Inside the Osmonds.”’ That is, it won’t shy away from such topics as band members’ drug addictions.

”We won’t show needles going into arms, but we can deal with issues around drug abuse,” Quinn Taylor, ABC’s senior VP of miniseries and movies told the Daily News. ”We have to have a level of authenticity or else the viewer will know we’re shining them. We will address the band’s issues honestly.”

The Go-Go’s were one of the big success stories of the early MTV era, hitting it big in 1981 with pop-rock tunes like ”We Got the Beat” and ”Our Lips Are Sealed,” only to break up about four years after making it big, falling prey to band clashes and drug problems. They reunited in 1994 and again last year (with the album ”God Bless the Go-Go’s”), to general listener indifference. It’s the stuff of VH1’s ”Behind the Music” (indeed, they’ve had their own episode on that show), but Sennet insists the movie won’t follow that typical arc. Rather, he tells Variety,”This is a ‘Pygmalion’ story — punk princesses become rock princesses.” Oh.