Is a single J.Lo the new Julia Roberts? Sure, they're both movie divas, but more to the point is that fans can't get enough gossip about their tangled love lives, says Jessica Shaw
Cris Judd, Jennifer Lopez
Credit: Lopez & Judd: Kevin Mazur/

Is a single J.Lo the new Julia Roberts?

When the news about the J. Lo-Cris-with-no-h split recently broke, it wasn’t as if anyone was remotely surprised. I gave it three months after seeing that September 2001 wedding picture with the glowing La Lopez dragging along her smiley new spouse, who looked like he’d just been strong-armed into an incredibly awkward and uncomfortable sidebend. Lo and behold, the superstar and her backup dancer lasted — gasp — for nearly nine months!

Since the separation, it seems like everyone has an opinion about why these two one-time lovebirds couldn’t make it work. I keep hearing that she was too busy, he was too passive, she was romantically involved with P Diddy, Ralph Fiennes, and Ben Affleck… and that’s just from my mother!

I can’t remember being this fascinated with a relationship ending since the whole Julia-cameraguy-Ben-Talisa situation. Or, maybe since the whole Julia and Lyle Lovett fizzle. And I know I’m not alone. Why is it that we are all so obsessed with a celebrity coupling dissolving?

There’s no doubt that we can’t get enough of the star life. We want to dress, talk, look, and vacation like they do. But we can’t. Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts have teams of stylists, agents, publicists, managers, assistants, and fan club presidents making them Jennifer Lopez and Julia Roberts.

They are larger than life mythological creatures, but they have one Achilles heel: love. Is it possible we take a perverse pleasure in watching their lives crumble down to mere mortal size with each heartbreak? After all, would it really be fair for someone to have a body like that, money like that, a career like that, AND lifelong love?

And what about the whole ’til-death-do-us-part vow thing? It seems that if you live within a 10-mile radius of the Hollywood sign, the revered tradition of one lifelong love takes on a new meaning of one lifelong love for the next season or two. Those of us who are married or who hope to be can’t help but marvel at the public whimsy with which some stars approach the institution.

But enough passing judgement on these poor people. It’s actually somewhat inspirational to see these unions unwind. We break up or get divorced and it’s a six-month cupcake binge. But Jennifer was recently photographed lounging around in the sexiest white bikini ever to hit Miami Beach, and Julia found love almost instantly post-breakup. Oh, well, with a breakup every 5 minutes and a new coupling every 10, we get to feed our other big obsession: the celebrity wedding.