Britney show cut short by power failure. ''Please don't boo,'' she tells Texas fans after outage at Friday concert

Britney Spears has never been known as a belter, someone with a voice big enough to fill arenas. That was confirmed Friday night after a power failure at Texas Tech’s arena in Lubbock, Tex. led her to cut short her concert after two songs, the Associated Press reports. She had performed ”Oops… I Did It Again” and ”(You Drive Me) Crazy,” accompanied by pyrotechnics and explosions, when the power failed.

The lighting still worked after the failure, but apparently not the sound. One of Spears’ managers took the stage and announced that the show was over, citing safety concerns. ”I’m just so sorry,” Spears told the crowd, who began to boo. ”Please don’t boo,” she pleaded, then left the stage.