Pamela Anderson, Hilary Swank, and other TV news -- Anderson's ''V.I.P.'' canceled, Swank stars as suffragist for HBO, John Corbett gets ''Lucky,'' and other tube news

Alas, Vallery Irons, we hardly knew ye. Columbia TriStar, which produces Pamela Anderson’s syndicated action series ”V.I.P.”, is pulling the plug on the four-year-old show, due to the financial turmoil of its partner, German media company Kirsh. ”As a result of our co-producing partner, Kirch’s, financial difficulties, they were no longer able to continue with the show,”

Columbia TriStar said in a statement. Anderson issued her own statement, saying that money trouble was only one reason the show is ending; she also wanted to spend more time at home with her family. ”Due to a multitude of issues — some personal — we have decided to all move on from ‘V.I.P.’ It has been an incredibly fun four seasons and we kicked butt!” She noted that fans can still catch her on TNN, where ”V.I.P.” will continue in reruns, and where she’ll play the voice of animated ecdysiast/superheroine Stripperella next year….

Hilary Swank is checking into suffragette city. Variety reports that HBO has cast her in ”Iron Jawed Angels,” a movie about Alice Paul, who was jailed a century ago for her activism in support of women’s right to vote. Shooting begins this fall….

”Sex in the City”’s John Corbett is about to get ”Lucky.” That’s the name of the comedy series he’ll star in on FX, trade reports say. He’ll play a down-on-his-luck card sharp in Las Vegas who interacts with gamblers, con men, and other colorful characters. Shooting begins this summer for an airdate early next year. Guess this means Aidan and Carrie aren’t getting back together any time soon….

Billy Bob Thornton’s movie ”Daddy and Them” has been sitting on the shelf for so long, he was still dating costar Laura Dern when he directed and starred in it. ( reported on the film’s troubled history in detail here.) Now, after Miramax’s long reluctance to release the film, it’s going straight to cable. The Associated Press reports that Showtime will air the offbeat Southern comedy in 2003, about five years after Thornton finished shooting it. The film also stars Andy Griffith, Kelly Preston, Diane Ladd, Brenda Blethyn, Ben Affleck and Jamie Lee Curtis (in cameos), and the late Jim Varney.