Osbournes may sow some Quaker oats in the U.K. For the second season of their MTV show, the clan may head to their home in the Quaker town of Jordans, England
Ozzy Osbourne

For their soon-to-shoot second season on MTV, Ozzy Osbourne’s foulmouthed family may bloody well head home — to Welders House, their sprawling estate in England. Located about 40 minutes from London by train, Jordans (population: 800) is no Beverly Hills. Its one store sells no liquor — banned by Jordans’ Quaker founders. How do locals feel about the bat biter, whose show debuted in Britain May 26? ”People just regard him as a good neighbor,” says Stephen Bellamy, who lives next door. (Ozzy even funded the fireworks at last fall’s town fest.)

The Osbournes
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