Not long ago, in a galaxy not so far away…EW readers were treated to not one but two Attack of the Clones covers (#654, May 17). ”I was thrilled to see Samuel L. Jackson and Ewan McGregor wielding their oh-so-cool (and colorful) lightsabers,” writes Erin MacDonald of Silverdale, Wash. ”Keep up the super work!” Scott Graham of Sherman Oaks, Calif., cursed his luck of the draw: ”As a huge Star Wars fan, I just can’t get enough! [But] in the future, always assume that I want the [cover] with Natalie Portman!” Finally, music fans like Marcelo Vilela from Kansas City were delighted to tune their ears to the first edition of Listen2This. ”It’s going to be a great addition to EW, [especially] for people like me who consider music as essential to pop culture as films, books, and TV. I foresee great things to come.” May the Force be with us.

Galaxy Quest

Wow! a chill went down my spine when I saw Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen on your cover with ”The Last Secrets of The X-Files.” My favorite movies and TV show…all I can say is, it must be summer! ZACHARY SHOTLAND Delray Beach, Fla.

In an attempt to defend The Phantom Menace, George Lucas comes across as whiny and ungrateful. Phantom’s problem was that it was a kiddie movie. The original Star Wars was a great fantasy and didn’t seem to cater to children at all. Lucas has forgotten the people who made the franchise such a success when they were children, me included. JIM TAYLOR Wyandotte, Mich.

Please, no more Star Wars! I thought I subscribed to ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, not Sci-Fi Geek Weekly. Remember, most of us don’t play with battery-operated lightsabers in our parents’ basement. JEFFREY SCOTT BECKERMAN Short Hills, N.J.

My family loves all the Star Wars movies including The Phantom Menace, and I am sick of hearing all the criticism of it. Thanks for printing George Lucas’ comments about his vision and his commitment to it. I certainly admire him for the fortitude that he has shown in the past 25 years. STEPHENIE PAQUETTE Indianapolis

Lost ‘Files’

It’s nice that the stars and creators of The X-Files can look at the series and pat themselves on the back (”Case Closed”). But some longtime fans are pretty disgusted at how Chris Carter and company decided to wrap things up. David Duchovny was smart to leave when he did. KENT MERRITT Sherman Oaks, Calif.

‘Clones’ Rangers

Ms. Schwarzbaum is surely not from George Lucas’ galaxy or ours. Her diatribe against Attack of the Clones (Movies) leaves me wondering if she actually saw the movie. Mr. Lucas has returned us to the euphoric cinematic roller-coaster ride that had the audience laughing, clapping, and hanging on for more. Let go of your dark side and watch this fine film when you’re having a better day! JIM HARRELL Valdosta, Ga.

I have to agree completely with the C+ given to Episode II. Lucas clearly values his technological achievement over storytelling and interesting characters. Special effects can enhance a film when used to advance the story. With the recent Star Wars movies, however, one can’t help but feel that Lucas has done the opposite — create a flimsy framework on which to hang his overrated effects. This succeeds in creating a soulless, sterile movie and diminishes a series that for a long time was truly great. I think it’s time to move on. And I don’t mean to Episode III… JAMES MITCHELL St. Louis